Hello Earth, and all the humans inhabiting it! This is Nonsense Makes The Best Sense, and it’s about to take over the world!!! Okay, so, now you’d like to know what Nonsense Makes The Best Sense is about? Well, I will tell you. But your warning is now! This is unlike anything this generation has seen before…

Let’s take the infinite universe and everything in it. Add everything that exists in depths of our oceans. Then add everything that exists in our vast world of nature. Throw in a dash of chef creations that come to life, a forest full of riddles, some hilarious make believe multiple syllable words and their nonsensical definitions, a time machine, magic shows, a math-eating dinosaur, some adorable and memorable odd ball characters, an inspirational blueberry muffin, and even the monster under your bed. Throw it all into a highly interactive, unique, one-of-a-kind segmented show of reoccurring skits and sketches, and you still won’t comprehend Nonsense Makes The Best Sense! This other realm makes the impossible quite possible, and the improbable quite probable. And If you’ve never flown, you are about to…

And if that still doesn’t sum it up, picture a Saturday Night Live meets Monty Python… for kids!

Created by Colin Lyle

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